About Our Work

What File Formats Do We Use?

For the downloadable files from our displayed Galleries, we use JPG/JPEG. 

For Custom Work the following file types can be requested:


What Sizes Do We Sell?

We sell a variety of sizes and orientations (portrait and landscape). The sizes range from 800×480 pixels to 2560×1600 pixels. 

How Do I Arrange For Custom Work?

You can order here » Custom Work Order Form

How Do We Protect Our Images?

We place copyright meta data within the image file. This allows us to prove prove ownership and copyright. 

Permitted Use of Our Work

What Is A Personal Use License?

You can read the full details of the Personal Use Licence on this page Personal Use Licenses

What Is An Commercial Use License?

You can read the full details of the Commercial Use Licence on this page Commercial Use Licenses

Is My License Transferable?

Generally, your license is not transferable. There are a few exceptions:

  1. If you are a freelancer / agency using the item for a single end product for one client. The license would in effect be transferred to the client.
  2. If you sell the single instance of an end product, such as a website installation. The license would in effect be transferred to the new owner.
  3. If you are using the item as part of an on-demand “create-your-own” service where you purchase a separate license on behalf of the customer for each individual end product they make. Each license would in effect be transferred to the customer.

In all of these cases, be sure to point the client / customer / recipient to the license terms and delete the item from your own systems.

What Are The Main Differences Between The Personal Use License And The Commercial Use License?

In simple terms, the main difference is that under the Personal Use License, your End Product (incorporating the item you’ve licensed) subject to exclusions in the License conditions,  can be distributed for free. However, under the Commerical Use License your End Product subject to exclusions in the License Conditions can be sold. Of course, if it was all that simple, we’d have a one sentence license, so please do read the licenses and the rest of these FAQs for more details!

Are There Any Restrictions Of Use On The Free Stock Images?

There is no restriction on the use of the images, however we require that if you include any of our images in blogs or websites, that you credit us with the image and provide a link back to it’s source on this website.


What Payment Methods Are Available?
  • Credit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Stripe

Do We Store Your Payment/Credit Card Information

No we do not. Our use of Third Party Payment providers means that all transactions occur away from this site.

What Is The Hourly Rate Charged For Custom Work?

We cannot answer that without further information. We will quote once you have submitted an order for Custom Work. A deposit will be required once an order is placed.

What Discounts And Special Offers Are Available For Bulk Image Purchases?

This will be on a case by case basis. If you are wanting to query before purchasing please contact us via the Contact Us page.

What Discounts And Special Offers Are Available For Frequent Customers?

We will make Special Offers and make Discounts available only to Subscribed Customers. You can subscribe on the form on the right of the footer of the website.

Can I Get A Refund?

Due to the nature of the Item being purchased and our inability to prove beyond a doubt in a dispute that you have an item, we do not offer refunds. In the case of claiming to not have received the Item, we will arrange to manually issue you the Item if the download fails. We will only offer the Item that was originally purchased and not exchange that Item for another Item.

If the item is materially similar to the description and preview and works the way it should, there is generally no obligation to provide a refund in situations like the following:

  • you don’t want it after you’ve downloaded it;
  • the item did not meet your expectations;
  • you simply change your mind;
  • you bought an item by mistake;
  • you do not have sufficient expertise to use the item;
  • you ask for goodwill; or
  • you can no longer access the item because it has been removed (we advise you to download items as soon as you have purchased them to avoid this situation).


What Procedure Do I Need To Follow If I Want To Make A Copyright Complaint?